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Very simply, Integral Yoga means bringing the mind, the body, and the breath together into the asana practice.  In this way we find that Yoga is most beneficial when we can bring a deeper awareness into what is happening within the body. When we become more tuned in to the body’s energy centers, we become more mindful of what is happening at the subtle level, both physically and mentally.  The organs and the glands are massaged through the poses, releasing toxins.  On a muscular level the body will expand and your flexibility will increase.  You will fortify your bones and strengthen the muscles around the bones, increasing your stamina.  And, you will become more conscious of releasing those thoughts and emotions that may be causing you to feel stuck in your life. You will become more open to the experience of yourself and the world around you.

The yoga session begins with sitting quietly for a few minutes, becoming aware of the breath and the how the body feels before the asanas begin.  We take the time to first recognize where there may be any tension or soreness and learn not to push it away but gradually allow it to release through the practice.  We take the time to recognize that the yoga practice is most beneficial when you are not judging or competing with yourself.  We will then come up and do the standing poses.  After which we come down on the mat to engage the body in backward bends and forward bends.  This is followed by inversions and twists.  We then ease into Yoga Nidra, the guided, deep relaxation in Savasana.  The practice ends with a calming breathing practice.  And remember, every yoga posture can be adapted to your level.

We have options for classes on Zoom and Private In-Person “House Call” Yoga 

The group Yoga classes on Zoom are $12 each.

Private Yoga classes are $80 for a 60 minute session.


$225 if you sign up for 3 private 60 minute Yoga sessions

The price is the same if it is for one person or twenty

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