If you have come to a place in your life where there is a feeling of confusion or lack of clarity about what this thing called, “Life”, is all about, it sometimes helps to sit down and stop all the thinking and analyzing.  You already have the answer deep within you and may just need a little help allowing what is already present to reveal itself.  It is simpler than you might imagine.

Our minds can become incredibly cluttered with thoughts and feelings that result in anxiety and stress.  Ultimately these thoughts and feelings are just temporary states that cloud the essence of who you really are.  Realizing this is coming home to the PEACE of your Self.  While it sometimes seems difficult to find your way, I assure you that you can discover how to let go of all those things that have been disturbing you.

If you are:

* Struggling with issues of relationship, or work, or family

* If you are experiencing anxiety or depression

* If you are confused by the mysteries of aging

* If life changes or loss are troubling you

* Or if you just can’t find any peace in the circumstances of your life

I offer private meetings to gently explore the ways that you can begin to find peace and equanimity in your life.  This is not psychotherapy.  This is not just learning how to cope.  This is a process of discussion, reflection, and self inquiry that will allow you to see the way that thoughts and preconceived notions may be limiting your life.  Discover how to let go of all of those things which are no longer serving you.  The word, “spiritual” is often overused and as a result has come to mean many things.  The meetings are influenced by the Buddhist and Vedantic teachings that have informed the lives so many.  So, in this sense it may be considered spiritual counseling but there is a deep, practicality at the heart of these teachings that will allow you to live a deeper, richer life.

Counseling for Adolescents and Young Adults

It is a well-known fact that our culture has exacted a particular toll on the well-being of adolescents and young adults.  This is especially true after the isolation of the pandemic.  Perhaps you have noticed this in your own family.  In my counseling practice I have been seeing more young people, helping them to move through this difficult time in their lives.  And, of course, there are many factors that can play into a young person’s feeling of alienation or despair.  If requested, the counseling sessions can also include hypnotherapy which I have found to be helpful for many people as well.  
It has become obvious to me that many young people can benefit from this kind of support.  If you have a young person in your famiy or among your friends that may be in need of help, please feel free to set up an appointment. 

Meetings are 60 minutes.  The fee is $80 for one session.  $225 for three sessions.

To schedule an appointment email:

or call or text 303-396-9023

You may also call for a free 30 minute, initial phone consultation.

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