Books and CD

CM Brown is the author of two books

The Beautiful You That You Know Yourself To Be:

 Discovering the Eternal in Everyday Life

Enso Press   2016



Let Go and Live: Yoga, Meditation, and Being Alive

Enso Press  2010


You can purchase these books directly from

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CM also has a CD of the Yoga Practice and Deep Relaxation.

This CD recording includes a short yoga practice of 15 minutes that you can do before work, before bed at night, or anytime you want to practice yoga at home or on the go.  It has the basic postures that will bring you into balance and harmony.

The CD also includes a complete 1 hour yoga practice and guided deep relaxation that you can practice on your own when you want to relax and find stillness and peace within yourself.  The yoga and the deep relaxation are contiguous but are also on separate tracks so that you can chose to do one or the other.

The Deep Relaxation is particularly beneficial if you have trouble sleeping.  Listen to this track and drift off with ease into dreamland.

The CD is available directly though CM for $21.00 with free shipping by emailing: