Guided Meditation and Hypnotherapy


Guided Meditation is a tool that allows you to discover your deeper self in a way that can open your mind to your true potential. Just like traditional hypnotherapy, guided meditation is a path toward healing. But, unlike traditional hypnotherapy,  you are not turning yourself over to another person.  In guided meditation you are healing yourself.  Unlike that old model of hypnotherapy, you are in charge of the process.  In your path toward self healing I am a guide, helping you to explore your own path of self discovery.

In other words, Guided Meditation is a more direct and

 self empowering form of Hypnotherapy




Guided Meditation can help with:  Stress Reduction, Sleeplessness, Trauma and Phobias, Health Improvement,  Creativity, Relationships, Work, and more. 

Guided Meditation is coming into a deeper state of awareness.  It is an alternative approach to hypnotherapy.  As you are gently led into the places that have been creating pain in your life you will discover how to go deeper than the pain into the place of openness and peace that lies underneath the pain.  It may be time to realize that what is troubling you is not a “problem” but an opportunity to find out how you can be more fulfilled in your life.

A 60 minute session is $80.

Three 60 minute sessions are $225

Please give me a call for a free 30 minute consultation

 Overcome the difficulties and learn how to enjoy your life.



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