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Together. Not Separate


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You lie in bed on a Wednesday morning, your eyes just opening to the world, listening to the sound of the buzzing lawnmower and the traffic passing along the highway and the caw of a crow and the hum of electricity vibrating in the air. You then hear the sound of your own breathing, and you recognize that you are alive in this world as you feel the sensations in your body.  There is that sore shoulder, the rumble of hunger in your stomach, and perhaps a slight headache behind your eyes.  There may also be the feeling of restfulness and relaxation.

Do you feel the sensations in your body as if they are simply something that is happening inside of you?  Do you hear the sounds as if they are simply something that is happening outside of you?

Consider this.  Are you a separate being stuck in the middle of all this activity or, is the flow of everything the same as the flow of you lying in bed on a Wednesday morning?

Consider this.  What is the force that is moving through the man pushing the lawn mower?  What is the force moving through the woman stopped at the traffic light on her way to work?  What is the force rising from the crow’s throat before it caws into the morning air?  What is the force that moves the celestial gases that manifest as planets and stars in the galaxies?  And what is the force that moves your breath?
While it might seem that all of these occurrences are separate, individual actions, they are not. They are not separate from each other, and you are not separate from them because every action and every being emerges from the same source. One source.  One force.  In Yoga we call it Brahma.

There is no separation in anything.  Our consciousness on waking on a Wednesday morning and moving through our lives is the same as the wind, the crow’s caw, the buzzing lawnmower, and the sound of your own breathing-all a single, yet many faceted happening that is eternal and infinite.  We are all together in this enormous movement of life and beingness.  You and I and everything emerge from the same source that is manifesting the truth of itself in every moment, in every thing.  We realize that there is no separation and therefore no need for opposition to any thing

The essence of you is with everything and against nothing.


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