Session Based Classes

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Candlelight Meditation and Satsang

at our

Home Studio in North End, Louisville


Every Third Wednesday

June 19th

  7 pm – 8:30 pm

Life has many distractions and opportunities for anxiety and stress. It is easy for us to get caught up in negative thinking and to find ourselves overwhelmed by the busyness of the mind. This Guided Meditation will bring you back to your calm center and place of peace.  And, Satsang is an opportunity to share with each other your questions about what this experience of life is (or is not).  There is no obligation to speak.  Listening is just as valuable.

 The meeting is in our home/studio in Louisville. The fee for the evening is $12.00.

Please contact CM at or 303-396-9023 if you would like to reserve your space.
Chairs will be available for meditation and there will be cushions, as well, if you prefer to sit on the floor.  When you register I will send you the directions to our home/studio.

Finding the Quiet

An Evening of Deep Relaxation and Contemplation

Coming in September


  Open Space, Open Mind – Home Studio

North End – Louisville

As we move through our daily lives we often get caught up in the tasks of our life. We always seem to be doing, doing, doing.  We may also feel the need to be in control of things or be frustrated by not having enough time for ourselves.  We can sometimes feel that we are becoming stuck in the repetition of our thoughts or in negative emotions.

This is an evening of contemplation that will allow you to return to the easeful place of quiet within yourself.  You will also discover how to bring the experience of inner quiet into your everyday life through through the practice of Guided Deep Relaxation, Seated Meditation, and Tea Ceremony.

Chairs will be provided for the seated meditation. There will also be blankets and pillows if you prefer to sit on the floor. If you have your own meditation cushion feel free to bring that with you as well.

  The fee for the one session is $18.

Please reserve early as the attendance will be limited to 8 people.

We will send the directions to you upon registration.

To register email or call 303-396-9023