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These are selections from CM’s Book,

The Beautiful You That You Know Yourself to Be:

Finding the Eternal in Everyday Life

Copyright Enso Press. 2016 

The selected essays are listed in individual tracks so that you can take your time and listen to each one at your leisure.  You may also like to read the complete print version of this book and my additional book,

Let Go and Live: Yoga, Meditation, and Being Alive.

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Preface and Chapter One


What is Real?


Trusting Yourself




Why Practice Yoga?


Falling Away


You Know You


The Temple Door


Time to be Big






The Brick Wall of Reason


Through the Gate


The Conundrum of the Blob


Exhale Your Head


King Kong Verses Godzilla


Will Powerless


What is Peace?


Take it Easy


Taking Off the Mask


Just This Moment




The Body’s Sacred Shape


Beyond Seeking


Hold On. Let Go.


My Message to You




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